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Welcome to Veritas Triumphant Church

Veritas Triumphant Church is a non-denominational church of Spirit filled believers who rely wholeheartedly on the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. He is the guide we use to lead us into all truth and righteousness. When we surrender to Him, He gives us power and victory over all of life’s problems.Just as important, we rely on the Holy Spirit for the waging of aggressive spiritual warfare. The pulling down of Satan’s strongholds of evil and lies is essential to our victory as believers. We model our assembly on the first century church of the first disciples, who shared one another’s burdens, and had “all things in common”. These great men practiced the true religion described by James which was, to “ visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and keep himself unspotted from the world”. He commanded us to “ be ye doers of the word and not hearers only” So we are an action church and a church of people you can turn to with any problem and not be judged. Some churches cling to rigid dogma and focus on selective sins, while ignoring other more important sins. This is not the case at Veritas Triumphant. Here we shine the light on all sin, repent of it, and move on. Here God’s law of grace abounds and if we slip up and fall, the Holy Spirit quickly restores us. It is easier to do this since we are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. If you feel uneasy with the term “born again” don’t be. It conjures up some crazy images in the minds of some people, but for the earnest seeker after God, it is more natural than our “natural” birth.

If you have any questions about this ministry, or would like more information about our activities and meeting times and places, please feel free to contact us at this number; (757)628-8220. You can also reach us on facebook at: And if you have any special prayer requests or needs in your life, we would love to pray with you. God bless you and may the Lord’s light shine upon you.

Pastor Alan