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Keys to True Empowerment

Welcome to Veritas Triumphant!
You hear a great deal these days from churches that promise keys to financial prosperity, a happy marriage, good health, victory over certain limitations, etc. These goals are all perfectly legitimate and worthy in themselves of our time and attention. But what if you could go so much deeper and gain more wisdom and insight than you ever dreamed of ? You would find what Jesus described as the springs of “living waters” and the “pearl of great price”. At Veritas Triumphant we teach total reliance on the power of our guide in this journey- the Holy Spirit. As we learn to be more sensitive to His leadings and direction, we find we can instantly recognize His promptings. Then we discover what our focus should be at any given moment. Our plans could change instantly, or we could be called to press harder than ever in the same endeavor.
This is not to say that we do not work consistently in one direction and that we just “fly by the seat of our pants”, so to speak. God knows there are many evil cults out there that are led by false teachers out to deceive people, while masquerading as enlightened teachers from God. In the end these wolves in sheeps clothing always make everything about themselves and their perverted and dark desires, even though they lure the gullible and unsuspecting in with “smooth words” and seeming sincerity. By contrast, in this ministry there are many constants in our ministry that never change. Some of these are importunate and ceaseless prayer and genuine and total unity in the body of Christ as believers.  Here, there is true compassion and brotherhood where we are all free to open up and support each as true brothers and sisters in Christ. By contrast, those in institutional churches are often afraid to talk to others in the pew for fear of being ridiculed or judged.
I said in a recent video that you won’t be judged here, and you won’t. You won’t be judged  by any man or woman, or anyone’s uninformed opinion. Because that’s what judgment is- it is basically an opinion without all the facts, and that’s what makes it sting so badly when people judge us. The motive they prescribe to us may be distorted, the context of the event may be misconstrued, the motive of the heart may be misrepresented or just lied about. Have you noticed lately that lying , slander and character assassination have all reached epidemic proportions in our culture? If you haven’t, you have probably been living under a rock, or you’re just not Veritas Church material at this point,lol! We deal with lies and lying spirits from the enemy with force and determination to expose all works of darkness. Remember, the Holy Spirit is the power and spirit of truth and truth will never coexist with with lies and darkness. Our manual and calculator of truth is the Bible, and we use the study of what is called hermeneutics to determine the context for all truth. Jesus said “Judge not that ye be not judged” In other words don’t lie or leave out vital information to distort the facts and smear the other person in order to advance your own reputation or you will be judged by the righteous and Holy judge, God Himself. Jesus ought to know. He was called a blasphemer and a heretic.
At Veritas Triumphant, we encourage and build each other up. We empathize, we listen, we bear one another’s burdens. We don’t puff ourselves up and we “esteem the other as better than ourselves”. Chapter 13 of 1st Corinthians, better known as the “love ‘ chapter” is a favorite of ours. What the world may see as foolishness and old fashioned sentimental ideas from a bygone and unsophisticated age, we see as changeless inspiration and a wellspring of power and influence. You may know the verse “He has taken the foolish things of the world to confound the wise” Don’t you just love it when God does that?  He shows us that “As high as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than yours”. With God. we go low to get high. We embrace humility and apparent “meekness” to reach for the third heaven, just as Paul did.
Welcome to this great adventure.
Pastor Alan

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