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Mission of Veritas Triumphant Church

Not by might, but by my Spirit. saith the Lord
We are all to be watchmen on the wall

Just to be a seeker of something is no guarantee that we will find what we’re looking for. Have you ever looked for some very important document only to find out it had been stuck in between a pile of junk mail? It is then that we know we need real organization and a way to declutter our surroundings. Finding meaning in modern life is similar. The task of finding meaning in the junk pile of noise and confusion we all deal with every day is even more daunting. The mission of Veritas Triumphant Church is to harness all of the power and might of the Holy Spirit to realize all the blessings and promises Jesus promised us.
There are many examples where we see churches may excel in one area, yet be totally negligent in other vital pursuits. For example, a church may be very big in terms of family counseling and strengthening marriages, but totally disdainful of the study of prophecy. It may be highly successful in missions work, yet completely ignorant of spiritual gifts or the work of the Holy Spirit. Conversely, it may be totally ignorant of Satan’s hidden forms of deception, but very successful at raising money for charitable causes.
At Veritas Church, we leave nothing out. When we take on the entire guidance of the Holy Spirit, we get answers for everything and in a perfectly timely manner. We are not shackled by dogma and endless religious rituals that serve to merely make us feel comfortable and accepted. Meeting with other believers is essential, but how many times do you openly confide in the members of your congregation? Do you fear being judged? How many believers do you know who are open and honest enough with themselves to be totally transparent? Do you fear being exposed with that bad temper you still struggle with, or that feeling of helplessness you have when engulfed with a tsunami of problems? Has fear gripped you in a society that is increasingly violent and evil? We all know that life can be a royal pain at times and we sometimes need help. Otherwise, we can sink into some mighty deep waters that can leave us permanently damaged psychologically, emotionally, and of course, spiritually. It is why Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit. He is to be not only our Comforter, but our permanent companion guide through every adverse situation.

How the Holy Spirit Works

Jesus is the only one in human history who can honestly promise to all who follow Him that when they seek, they shall also find. The Holy Spirit is just as certain and absolute as Jesus’s promises to us. You may pray to Jesus directly, or to God the Father directly, but it is the Holy Spirit that speaks to us every minute of every day. He uses many ways to do this. He may use an intuitive direction to guide our decisions. He may send us a sense of deep empathy for someone in trouble, or even a group or a country in trouble. The apostle Paul described it best when he described the Holy Spirit interceding for us with “groanings which cannot be uttered”- in other words, our deepest and most personal yearnings. He not only comforts, (which we all need so much of in these times), but equally important, He gives us boldness and conviction to act on His behalf. He gives us courage to challenge and rout out evil where we see it, and not only that, to do it with power and conviction. He gives us an awesome inner peace that puts to flight all that the “prince of darkness” and the “father of lies” can do to intimidate us. We come to recognize him as Satan the adversary and “accuser of the brethren” When we recognize him and become strong, all his accusations and lies are instantly recognized and destroyed.
The church today is a weak and timid lot, cowering in the shadows of the culture. Are you as sick as I am of watching so-called good “Christian” men and women cave and run for the hills in shame when the heat comes down and their faith is challenged too directly? They are unprepared and weak kneed and they have no answers for the secular world. For them, maybe church was just a family tradition. Perhaps it was more of a social club. Or maybe it just came to represent a year of holiday seasons where everyone gets together and discussions never get too ”

Conducting Spiritual Warfare

heated”. Christmas is the favorite season of course. This is because they worship only the infant Christ, and never the powerful and convicting Christ. They don’t seek to understand the mysteries of faith. Easter is brushed over because the resurrection is the ultimate rebuke to political correctness and the complacency and ease we all love. At Veritas Church we never shy from truth wherever it leads. We love prophecy as well as the knowledge that saves from the body of believers who “perish for lack of knowledge” We love and study the book of Revelation not in dread, or fear of misinterpretation. Rather, we study it because of the blessings Jesus promised to all who read it, and for its role as a chronologically perfect history book of the future.

Truth that Sets You Free

At Veritas we love truth because it is truth that sets one free. It is not love, nor happiness, nor prestige, nor respect from others- as important as these can be. It is Truth, and Truth alone that paves the way for the reception of all the other gifts and blessing from God. It is only through the Holy Spirit that we literally “put off the old man” and “put on the new” and walk in total ” newness of life”. You may have seen a bumper sticker that says “Born OK the first time” Of course this is a direct mockery of the born again experience. Alas. this is not just a slogan for the humanists and atheists of our time. Tragically, it could also apply to the lukewarm and worldly Christians of our apostate church today. Today many believers no longer believe in absolute truth. Yet only truth and God’s love truly transform a person. Transformation is a very unsettling concept- so is regeneration. And most tragic of all, even the fundamental tenet of confession and remorse for sin has become controversial. Far more important to give people plenty of emoji-laden messages and pep talks on the next blessing to come! And all with just a little more faith. This is much easier than providing real and practical solutions to survive for survival. And this war is far deeper and more life threatening than conventional warfare. We are up against cultural storms, psychological, and slanderous attacks that the enemy wages to attempt to destroy all hope for the believer. He seeks to rip the very foundation of our faith from under us, leaving us ready to just give up in despair

Pastor Alan

. “Happy talk” and legalistic stumbling blocks, along with the love of money and flattery, have blinded all of Christianity to the danger we’re all facing. Jesus hated legalism and told us to focus on the “weightier issues” of justice, mercy, and truth. Were you aware that idolatry is just as prevalent today as it was in the time of Moses, and more devious and pernicious than it was back then? This is one of the many ignored topics we will explore at Veritas.
I am Pastor Alan and I welcome you to join us in this great venture, and see that there is not only freedom in Truth, but now “truly a rest onto the people of God”

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