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Welcome to an exciting new ministry we call Veritas Triumphant Church. I am Pastor Alan and I formed this ministry specifically for people who have been to something called ” organized religion” and found it lacking. It is not just the obvious fact that it is often boring, repetitious, and full of formulas and ritualism. It is also too often focused on things that are not essential for our spiritual growth. As bad as these are, the much more serious sin it committed was that it never fed the congregation of believers with the food it needed for spiritual growth. It never prepared the flock with the knowledge it needed to meet every challenge in the modern world. How bad a sin was this? So bad that Jesus told Peter three times to “feed my sheep” and then warned of the wolves that would enter the flock of the dull and unwary believer. Well it should be clear to all that we can afford to slumber no more. With the phenomenal and supernatural spread of lies and deception around us we have to be more than just a “watchman on the wall” We also have to be the best trained and skilled spiritual commandos that God has ever sent into battle. And our general in this is the Holy Spirit. He is more powerful and present in our lives than we ever imagined, and when we learn to be sensitive to His promptings and leadings, there is nothing we can’t do.

So join us in this effort in the most critical time in human history. There is great strength in numbers. And if  “two or more gathered in my name” can work miracles, just think what a truly united army of true believers can do.

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